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In Radiance - Gift Set

In Radiance - Gift Set

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This lovely trio is a reminder that although we're in the studio making delicate and beautiful bars of soap, we're really in the smile business. Each one of these bars was created to wash away the cares of the day and elevate the spirits.

This trio of soaps comes in a lovely gift box. If you want a specific note written on the card, please indicate this at check out. 

Chamomile Sunshine This cheerful bar uses the uplifting scent of chamomile and the rich color of yellow Brazilian clay and chamomile flower to say a heartfelt hello to your skin. Get ready for some gentle exfoliation too...thank you, ground pumice!

Wild Lilac (Salt Soap)  - This lovely heart shaped salt soap lives up to its name. There's no pine forest, no tomato patch, no crashing waves at the sea shore. This is all about getting lost in the wild purple lilacs bushes of New England on a spring day.

Golden Thread  - Gold means different things to different people. In this case the Golden Thread refers to the depth and rich mystery in a bar made with carrot juice and calendula-infused olive oil. The wealth of health! This timeless soap is scented with a light blend of grapefruit, lemon and orange. 

Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran and Haitian Castor, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Carrot Juice, Mica, Fine Sea Salt, Ground Pumice, Yellow Brazilian Clay, Chamomile Flowers, Essential and Fragrance Oils

Haitian Castor Oil (Lwil Maskriti) is high in vitamin E, minerals, proteins, omega 6, and other beneficial fatty acids including ricinoleic acid which plays a key role in drawing moisture to the skin. I have yet to meet a Haitian that doesn't have a bottle or two of this cultural staple in their home.

NO Palm Oil, NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO SLS


CLEO Soaps help to remove impurities, rejuvenate your skin, and add a decorative vibe to your home.