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Mother's Day Gift Set

Mother's Day Gift Set

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Let's be real...where would we be without Mama?

This year make Mother's Day one for the books! Most of us won't be able to celebrate in person, but that doesn't mean that we can't fully honor our leading ladies. 
One way to say I love you is with a beautiful box of handmade CLEO Soaps. These bars are practical and artful (if we're going to be washing our hands constantly, let's do it with style). Each one is loaded with natural skin loving ingredients. Any woman receiving this gift set will feel the love. Maybe mother can't go to the spa right now, but who said the spa can't come to her?

Each set includes one salt bar, one face bar, and one artisan body bar for a total of three unique and luxurious bars.

The salt bars gently exfoliate and detoxify. Beneficial minerals leave the skin nourished, renewed and refreshed. The lather is rich  and the hardness of the bar means it will last a good long while. The face bars are created with specialty oils, botanicals, and clays that gently cleanse and revitalize sensitive skin. The artisan bars are  designed to showcase the visual possibilities of soap-making using nourishing ingredients that will uplift the entire body.

Treat the leading women in your life with a gift that is sure to make them feel well loved and extra special.

If you're interested  in having orders delivered to various addresses, please email me and I will send you a direct invoice. If you want your orders to go to one address, simply proceed to check out. Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!