The Winter Celebration Soaps are Here!

Round white soaps with a mica swirl and ground juniper berries with a Christmas Tree embed in the center. Scented with notes of fir needle, pine needle and orange. Ingredients used include, coconut oil, cocoa butter, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, coconut milk, mica, ground juniper berry, titanium dioxide and fragrance oil.

O' Christmas Tree

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O' Christmas Tree was created to reflect a time of mystery, a time of shorter colder days, a time of pulling together, a time of reinvention, and a time for celebration and quiet joys. This seasonal bar is scented with fir needle, pine needle and orange to create the perfect vibrations for winter revelry and peace.

Saponified oils of Coconut and Cocoa Butter. Distilled Water, Coconut Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Biodegradable Glitter, Fragrance Oil 

NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO SLS


CLEO Soaps help to remove impurities, rejuvenate your skin, and add a decorative vibe to your home.