Hearts Desire
Six frostedA grey soap with a red heart and gold mica sits on top of a soap dish. In the background are 2 more soaps stacked on each other.
Six frosted grey soaps with red hearts and gold mica  are surrounded by chamomile flowers

Hearts Desire

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This frosted bar is an all-around winner for what we might call the best of all worlds. Real love is in the air. The rose water, lemon and raspberry blossom scents combine to create a fragrance that is elevating, restorative, refreshing and grounding. If any soap could be considered emotionally captivating, Hearts Desire would be that soap. It’s a solid communicator with something positive and illuminating to say.

Saponified oils of Coconut and Cocoa Butter. Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Mica, Fragrance Oils

NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO SLS


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